French born designer Christina Delice has embraced her Artistry to create jewelry for the modern day aesthete. Inspired by Life and celebrating its whirlwind emotions.

In 1986, Christina came to New York to live with her father Alain Scordilis, a renowned artist and painter, in a humble corner house in Brooklyn, New York. Although her presence in her father's home inspired the dormant painter to rekindle his talent, their relationship was strained.
Christina fled home and moved to a Shelter "the covenant house" near Port Authority in NY and was later transferred to a group home in Lefrak City, Queens. Although her living conditions were poor and dangerous, she did not deter from her dreams, and with the help of a social worker from the Salvation Army, Christina was enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology for a textile design program. She blossomed in the program and her innate artistic talent expanded.
Christina quickly adopted the retail industry and performed successfully, working for several designers and making her way up gradually in her career. However, she did not stray from art and would ever so often pick up a canvas and paint, immersing herself in inspiration, colors, and emotions.
After years of working in retail, Christina finally decided to launch her own collection – a jewelry line that draws not only on her impeccable experience of retail and merchandise, but also taps into her keen artistic eye. Every piece particularly crafted and designed as mini sculptures, abstract metaphors for life and its most promising gifts: Love, Renewal, and Joy.








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